Thursday, March 23

Back and with a freebie..

I know, I know, it's been a while. I totally feel like I've neglected my blog and everyone. I blame it on a busy work schedule and Instagram. Yes, I said Instagram. It seems as if it's easier just to take a picture of an activity I've created then to write and upload. I apologize and digress.

So, I have a super cute little Social Inferencing activity I've created for an after school patient. He loves his cell (a Christmas gift) and has mentioned how texting (he's finally making a few friends) is hard and how he does not know what some of the Emojis mean. 

Therefore, I decided to make a lesson around Emojis. I obtained the Emojis from Google and created a simple worksheet to go along with it. I will say I had to do a little research since I usually stick to the basic emojis. *The activity will be posted under the "Printables" tab.  Feel free to tweak the activity to your liking. 

How to implement:
First, we looked at a few emojis that the patient understood and those that were a bit confusing. I then had him cut out twelve emojis six in which he knew and six he did not. We glued those into the blue boxes and then created text messages (while discussing them) he that thought went with that emoji. Also, I created a few text and had him infer the meaning. Needless to say it was a hit, and this is why I wanted to share. I hope you like it and enjoy it.

Side Note: If you choose to try this task, just know Android, Apple, HTC, and Google emojis tend to look different from each other.

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Wednesday, January 25

So, I actually created an activity for MLK day, however, I forgot to post. Sorry!! This year has been so crazy my posts have almost become non-existent. However, I am still here and most of the time I'm posting pictures of activities on Instagram. If you have not yet, please follow me on Instagram my handle is @sassyspeechchick . 

Back to business, I have created a MLK worksheet that can be used in many ways. The first way in which it can be used is to reinforce skills. The second way you can use this sheet is for Language and Fluency; I've printed a little information on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s background and it can be used to probe questions and create conversations to monitor language skills and listen for dysfluencies. Lastly, you can use this worksheet to have older kids search for words with their error sounds. 

I personally used this sheet for the Language and reinforcement and the kids loved it. Hopefully your kids will too. 

Check out the worksheet under the "Printables" tab. 

Happy Wednesday!!!

Sassyspeechchick :-)

Friday, December 2

Holiday Fun!!!

Just wanted to post a cute little reinforcement sheet I created for a student and we completed together. This is very simple, I used  cards stock, a black marker, red and green paint daubers, and the student in this case Kaufman cards.  Each time a word was said correctly, the student was allowed to create a "light bulb". Not only did I enjoy this activity the student did as well. 

Hope you all like it. 

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Thursday, October 27

Halloween FUN!!!!

As I promised you all. Here is a copy of my Ghost Book. I hope your kids enjoy it. Don't forget to go over to the "Printables" tab for a Communication Board that goes with the book. 

Image result for halloween

From - SassySpeechChick 

Monday, August 22

Get to know your students!!

I'm sure I am like most of you all; back to work and already drained. So to help you all out I am uploading an activity I made for my students. This is just a quick icebreaker (a fun way to establish rapport). I hope you like it. Now head over to the "Printables" tab.

Happy 1st week Back 2 School !!!!!!


Monday, May 23

It's time to wrap it up!!

Some of you may have all ready ended your school year. However, for the few of us still trying to hang on; I mean literally hang on don't worry I have your back. We will get through the last few days/weeks together. 
Here are a few fun suggestions to get you through those last 2-3 sessions of the year. 

1. Dauber Sheets and Ink Daubers are your friend. Check out 
2. "You Choose" allow the kids to choose what activity they are using during the session. Note: I would not give the free range to roam the cabinets, but allow them to choose from about 4-5 games. 
3. Go on a Speech Parade. Have the children go around the school and show off what they have learn this year. (You may only want to go to the office, nurse, counselor, and fine arts department.)
4. Instead of giving out pre-made Speech Diploma's or Certificates have the kids make their own. (Besides that glitter is only going to spill in the cabinets over the summer.)
5. Bring a friend to Speech Day. Now this may only work if you don't currently hold therapy in the janitor's closet. However, for those of you lucky to have a descent size room feel free to try this one. Besides we all know that every child in the school is dying to see what cool stuff you have in your room .
6. Create Summer Packets that allow students to work on carry over and increase generalization of  their skills. 

Remember the year is almost over!!!

Friday, May 6

Just a little Speech humor!!

So after being tagged in a post on Facebook. I decided that I needed to spread some laughter to my fellow SLPs. If any of you are Facebook please check out a man name Gerry Brooks, he is a principal and he is hilarious. To tell you about the post Mr. Gerry created a video where he suggested a coupon book be given to teachers by their principals. The coupons consisted of cute little things only at teacher could truly appreciate. So in the spirit of Better Hearing and Speech Month; I thought why not make my fellow friends a coupon book. While doing this I did go back and forth about sharing with you all, but I figured this is for entertainment purposes only and why deny you all a good chuckle.

Just so you know my speech friends and co-workers loved the coupon book. Also, because words can not describe this book, you will just have to go over to the "Printables" tab and enjoy the fun!!

Note: This is for entertainment purposes only!! SLPs may only appreciate this humor.

Tuesday, April 26

Let the countdown begin!!!

Counting down to May. I can't wait to celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month.

Tuesday, March 8

Spring time freebies!!!

In celebration of upcoming Spring time, and because I'm so in need of some warm weather. I decided to upload some Spring time freebies. I will be adding to the printable section of my blog a CVC activity, and a Spring Break review worksheet.

Ideas for using the CVC sheet includes: having your student or client cover words after production with pieces of yellow Play-Doh. Another alternative is having the student/client mark out words following production. When using the Spring Break review worksheet depending on the age of the kids; you can have the student fill in the social media bubbles with either pictures or in written form.

Let the Spring Time Fun begin!! 

Monday, February 8

There is still time to incorporate Valentine's Day..

If your year is going like mine, and things are totally becoming crazy. 

Well don't panic there is still time to keep Therapy fun for the kids. Since I understand the stress of deadlines and the other 1,001 things a SLP has to do; I have created a fun, sweet, and simple activity to help you out this week. 

Sassy to the rescue, lol!!  (Now stop worrying about when you're going to update those IEP's.)

So that this activity can be used across the board I have decided to leave the board associated with activity blank; this way you can customize it to your specific IEP goals/objectives. 

The way it works:
First things first, before you begin, I recommend you print out more than one Tic-Tac-Speech board on card stock and laminate them. You may also want to laminate the game pieces for use in the future. Next, in the boxes of the board (using a dry erase marker) write target sounds or specific words, depending on if the child is working on Articulation or Language. Example: when working on Language use specific verbs on the board, have the student verbally provided the verb tense of that word before placing a "X" or Hershey's Kiss on the word. First to get three in a row wins. This also applies for Articulation, have the student correctly produce the word with their target phoneme or provide a sentence depending on the level they are working at before allowing them to put a piece on that word. 

A fun twist to an old game, I hope it helps and your students enjoy it. This activity with the pieces can be found under the "Printables" tab. 

Have a great week and Happy Valentine's Day!!